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Monday, April 25, 2011

Robyn's North Central Musings (Revised): Last 4 bids and Seedings Discussion

**NOTE: I have edited this post. Bids to D3 Nationals have been revealed and I have rethought seedings a bit.

Where are these bids going? I mean here's who we've got going where...as of what I know
(Only including teams eligible for regionals for discussion purposes)
D1 North Central Regionals: 12 bids total
D1 West North Central Conference: 5 bids**
1) Iowa State**
2) Iowa**
3) Carleton College**
4) Minnesota**
5) Nebraska**
6) Winona State (DECLINED)
7) Minnesota-Duluth (DECLINED)

D1 Lake Superior Conference: 2 bids allocated**; 1 bid reallocated$$
1) Wisconsin-Eau Claire**
2) Wisconsin**
3) Wisconsin-B$$
4) Wisconsin-Milwaukee (pending acceptance$$)
5) Wisconsin-Stevens Point

D3 North Central Conference
1) Luther**
2) Carleton-B--Accepted bid to D3 Nationals
3) Grinnell--Accepted bid to D3 Nationals
4) St. Olaf--Accepted bid to D3 Nationals
5) Macalester (pending acceptance)
6) Gustavus Adolphus (DECLINED)
7) Drake
8) St. Bens

Question 1: Who gets the next 4 bids?
So last night, Beth Nakamura gave me a lesson in "team wait list." So after the bids go to the original place they are allocated, they must go through a "waitlist" process. The next highest team in the waitlist gets an offer. In our Region it has gone something like this: 1) West North Central (WNC), 2) North Central D3 (NCN-III), 3) Lake Superior (LS) until the bids are all awarded. After the D3 teams accepted bids to D3 nationals, their bids were reallocated as follows:
WNC--Winona State (declined)
NCN-III--Macalester (Pending)
LS--Wisconsin-B (accepted the bid to D1 regionals)
WNC--Minnesota Duluth (declined)
NCN-III - Gustavus Adolphus (declined)
LS - Wisconsin-Milwaukee (pending)
WNC--No teams eligible
LS--Wisconsin-Stevens Point
There are rumors flying around that the location of the regional tournament (Appleton, WI) seems to have discouraged teams to attend with such short notice? Perhaps. I think it is the low number of players on each of these teams, and missing 2-3 due to work schedules means they may only have 5 players.
Question 2: Seedings?
The top 6 teams have crazy results.

*must be below Iowa State, but ahead of Carleton
-1-0 vs. UWEC
-3-1 vs. Iowa State (has to be seeded behind ISU from Conference results)
-2-0 vs. Wisconsin
-2-0 vs. Carleton (has to be seeded ahead of Carleton)

Iowa State
*must be ahead of Iowa and Carleton
-1-3 vs. Iowa (seeded ahead of Iowa)
-0-1 vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin-Eau Claire
*must be ahead of Wisconsin
-0-1 vs. Iowa
-1-0 vs. Wisco

*must be below Iowa State and Iowa
-0-2 vs. Iowa
-1-0 vs. Wisconsin

*must be behind Eau Claire
-0-2 vs. Iowa
-0-1 vs. Eau Claire
-1-0 vs. Iowa State
-0-1 vs. Carleton

*must be behind Iowa State, Iowa, Carleton
-1-1 vs. Carleton
-0-1 vs. Iowa State
My thoughts:
1) Iowa Stateàwin in the Western North Central; beats Iowa, who otherwise would be 1 seed; loss to Wisconsin is in March irrelevant based on stronger results as of late
2) Iowaàloses to Iowa State in finals, but strong results vs. everyone else in top 5; head to head win over Eau Claire; wins over Eau Claire against common opponents all season
3) Carletonàloses to Iowa in 2nd place game (has to be behind Iowa); strong results all season long against tough teams throughout the country
4) Wisconsin-Eau Claireàhas no wins over the top 3; perform below top 3 in common opponent games
5) Wisconsinàloss to Eau Claire at Conferences; strong performance in regular season
6) Minnesotaà Beat Carleton at Conferences in pool play, but lost in bracket play; head to head win vs. Luther at Midwest Throwdown
7) Lutheràhead to head loss vs. Minnesota;  
8) Nebraskaàhas no head to head against the others below them, but they finished in the top 5 in the toughest conference in the Region
9) Wisconsin-Bàhas to be behind Wisconsin, but ahead of Milwaukee
10) Wisconsin-MilwaukeeàHas to be behind Wisco-B based on Conference loss; if they accept the bid
11) Macalester, if they accept the bid
12) Drake or Stevens Point, depending on who accepts bid

This is crazy. I've edited this post 4 times already!


  1. No way Robs,

    Wisco should be ahead of MN for sure. All of Bella's out of region victories, their UPA ranking, and their wins over teams ranked ahead of them in this region proves that. MN has some great potential for upsets, but Bella is probably already seeded lower than potential just because of their ONE LOSS.

    Just a thought... maybe you are a lil scared to have the Bellas in your pool?? haha :)

  2. I am not trying to take anything away from Bella, or "underseed" them. I watched the last few points from the Syzygy/Ninja pool play game last Saturday. I'm saying that Minnesota looked really good. Everyone plays good games, everyone plays bad games, but there has to be weight given to the conference games. Carleton came back and beat Minnesota decisively on Sunday, but it doesn't change the fact that Minnesota out played them on Saturday.

    I had the seeding go the other way hours ago, and I changed my mind. The whole head-to-head record vs. Carleton is a deciding factor, in my mind. But I am not a Regional Coordinator. My musings don't matter in the scheme of things.

    The point of the entry was to get some discussion going...get people thinking. Seeding this tourney is going to be tough. I'm excited to see how everything plays out this weekend.

  3. Also, after speaking with Gap, I'm going back to my original thoughts...I should have stuck with my gut. haha.

    I updated the conversation also after finding more out about the additional 4 bids...