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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mikey Lun: Undeniably the COTY in the Women's North Central. 2011.


If this resonates with you in any way, shape or form, please go and reply to my thread on the USAU discussion board. I can't think of a more deserving coach in the entire country.

Mikey Lun. The man. The legend. My coach.

I want to take the opportunity to nominate my coach for the 2011-2012 college season for COTY: The University of Iowa’s Mikey Lun.

Mikey is a standout player in his own right. He has played in national championships, world championships, and all sorts of tournaments and excelling at the sport. But this is not what necessarily makes a great coach. Mikey is able to take his experiences, his perspectives, his passion, and apply them to THIS team, pushing us to improve every single day.

In summer 2010, Mikey and I discussed the prospects of him coming to coach for Saucy. At that point, I had yet to actually play on the team. I only remember what I knew about Saucy from playing them a few times during the 2010 College Series. Saucy was a young team with a tremendous amount of raw talent. Players like Megan Greenwood had done fantastic things for the team and for the program, but they needed someone who could harvest the budding energy and focus it into a successful system. The result? A team that no longer competes for 4th place in the Central Region. A National Contender. Saucy Nancy 2011.

In 2010, Saucy had an inexperienced roster. Only graduating three players, they lost their fiery leader. A new start was in the horizon. I remember moving to Iowa City, meeting my teammates, and doing some pre-season drilling. I knew the talent was there. Our team lacked experience and knowledge. Two things that someone like Mikey could bring to the team.

From the first practice with Mikey as our coach he began to lay out the vision that had been communicated to him with a core leader meeting in August. He didn’t dictate the direction. He listened to what Saucy wanted, and did whatever he could to implement that dream. Mikey is a quiet, reserved guy. But his style and demeanor demands respect, without being overly demanding of his players. He takes the philosophy of always being a student of the game, improving your knowledge. He practices this daily. He’s constantly researching how to give our team a competitive edge, whether it’s teaching a new lift in our lifting program, spending time watching Ultivillage film. He’s thirsty for success; a trait he passes onto his players without necessarily saying so.

I’ve had numerous coaches in other sports for many years. I’ve played college, club, high school, AAU, select, etc. in all three sports I grew up playing, but never had a coach invest himself into his team. He has put more innovation, sparking passion into his players. He has taught me so much about how to find my role on the team, and transition to Saucy. He’s the person you can call up and ask to throw, and he’ll drop what he’s doing to drill with you for an hour before or after practice. He’s the person sending out individualized workouts to his players, and constantly coming up with drills to instill a love for the fundamentals.

Watch our team play. This newfound passion for the game and for each other is a direct result of his impact on us. He’s on the sidelines cheering, smiling, and sharing our frustrations. He’s proud of us, he pushes us, and loves us. Mikey believes in me when my back is against the wall. He motivates me to do one more set when I think I’m spent and can’t give any more. Mikey Lun embodies this award in every way.

-Robyn Fennig

University of Iowa Saucy Nancy #44

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