I was recruited by Michelle Ng and Without Limits to write about my experiences in my final season of College Ultimate. 2011 has many possibilities...let's see how they pan out. E-mail me (robyn-fennig@uiowa.edu)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remembering My First Bout With Blogging

Here is a throwback for you.

My first blog entry. It wasn't even for myself. I got an e-mail from Franklin Rho, former coach of the USC Hellions of Troy. He asked me about what what I thought about the UPA restructuring of College Ultimate. Shockingly, my opinions have not changed a whole lot.

It is funny, however. When I re-read this, I now understand how my writing improves when I write for someone else. I really should practice sound writing habits in a non-academic arena again soon:

I was such a put together undergrad in 2010.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forgetting Your Roots

People forget their roots, the place from which they came.

This extends to all aspects of life. But as you continue to grow in the ultimate world, I hope you remember the first people who showed that interest in bringing you into the ultimate community. Remember the passion you had for learning the game and creating a sense of place.

After all of your reminiscing and memories, take time to thank those people for their time, energy, love, and support.