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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happiness in the game.

Jojo, Liza, and Bekah, mid hug celebration. Loving life
In all the post season battles, sometimes the mental ones are the most challenging and taxing on the individual. It can be understandable for a player to forget the most important reason to play the game; however, it is even more important to take time to remember. We play this game because it makes us happy. We play this game because it is fun.

When the fun is gone, we are left with very little meaning. Love the people you play with. Love the sport you play with them. Love the feeling of a flick huck coming off of a strike cut to a wide open teammate. Love the feeling of that layout D, moments before you get it. Love the fact that you just dedicated your life fully to a team for the past year or x number of years, and it's finally working: it's finally falling into place.

Now's where you make the hard work and dedication all pay off. All that means nothing if you don't love what you do.

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  1. truth. Love this weekend regardless of the outcome. Love it for another chance to play ultimate with your team and friends. Great post