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Saturday, March 5, 2011

MWTD Day 1

Holy Kittats. It was really cold. And windy. And muddy. It's not like I can focus on real school work right now anyways (at least until after I eat).

Game 1 vs. Saint Louis University (SLULU)
We came out fired up, playing great zone D. We were pretty nervous about playing in imperfect conditions (cough cough, have you seen our indoor facility?) We got some quick upwind breaks. The first three points were really fast. Minimal turns-ish. SLU scored one down-wind, but didn't score any breaks. SLU rotated between some man and zone. We primarily threw a zone, but got some opportunities to play man. I think that the Saucy downfield D is what helped us control the tempo. We took half 8-1. The first point out of half became somewhat of a marathon point. Shout out to Laura from SLU, she had the sickest upwind layout grab, but hurt herself. Dislocated shoulder and a strained muscle. As both teams froze waiting for the ambulance, the captains decided to call the game. I hear she's doing well, and hope she's back in action soon enough.
Saucy 8, SLULU 1

Game 2 vs. UW-Eau Claire (SOL)
My alma matter.  They were close to full roster (pending Emily Karoblis' acceptance into her grad program), which was exciting for me. It's always interesting to see how SOL is doing. I love when players like Estelle and Mariah make sick plays, as they were easily the most improved players from last season on SOL. Saucy won each battle, point-by-point. Some points, faster and more efficient than others. I think that by the end of the game, Saucy really found our rhythm, and cleaned up the O a bunch. SOL came out in a man-to-man defense, while we ran lots of zone. They didn't look to punt a lot going down-wind, but rather did more punting up-wind. Jess Haller (SOL #1) was SOL's best and most consistent thrower. Keep your eye on this girl. Saucy played some good team D, and pushed hard every single point.
Saucy 15, SOL 0

Game 3 vs. Northwestern (Gung-Ho)
Coming into the game vs. the #2 seed in the tournament, we knew that the game tempo would be very different from the previous 2. Lien Hoffmann, Sara Miller, Sarah "Chunks" Hong, and Angel Li were theh standout handlers, working the disc up patiently up the field. Northwestern came out in man-to-man defense, but Saucy was able to break upwind, pretty easily. They switched to zone, and we had to work it a lot more. There were a few flawless points, but most were capitalized on 2 or more turns per team. We were able to capitalize on some key drops ...Saucy went up on a 6-0 break. Northwestern scored a quick 3, to make it 6-3. We pushed 2 to half, taking it 8-3. The points were really long after half...soft cap went off, then hard cap. Lien Hoffmann and Sara Miller were the go-to-throwers. Aside from Chunks, very few throws went up upwind. In several longer points, our zone-O struggled. We were getting tired from trudging through several inches of mud that covered. They started to punt more going down-wind in the second half.
Saucy 10, Gung-Ho 5

Quick update. More tomorrow if I have time after games tomorrow.

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