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Friday, March 18, 2011

Is it too soon to think about Centex?

Hard to believe that we'd be where we are if you would have asked me last January. At the moment, I am extremely pleased with the team I have gotten to be part of in my final college ultimate season. Such a great group of players and coaches and other entourage members.

Anyways, the common theme of my season is looking forward to the next thing. I really have tried to avoid dwelling on any win, or any super awesome thing that has happened to Saucy thus far in our season. I'm trying to remain focused on what our next challenge is and doing whatever it is that I can to contribute to success once we get there. I mean, it's all about prepraration, right? I'm sitting at home (on spring break) after doing nothing but homework for most of the day, my parents' dog on my lap, reading, thinking, daydreaming about ultimate.

So what's next: Centex. Yes, preliminary pools have been posted. (Check 'em out HERE). Speculation will come sometime in the next week....I'll be going over all sorts of film this week (starting Sunday?) in Iowa City prior to our Thursday night departure. If pools/seedings stay as they are, we'll see both Michigan and Northwestern again. For Sauce, we are most excited to get a shot to play some teams from the West Coast. I think I am going to start the official petitition to bring the other 2 members of our coaching staff (DK and Steve) to Centex.

One other thing that's most exciting: I get to throw outside. I've been blessed with awesome weather in the Midwest this week (while most of my teammates are still down south), and I've gotten to get outside and throw a lot (thanks huge yard, windy conditions, and stack of discs in my trunk). Granted, I'm aiming at my little sister's pitching nets, it's something to get excited about. 2 or 3 practices until Centex.

Nothing left to do but enjoy the weather, watch the Twitter feed of Open Easterns (shameless plug for how much I want my boyfriend to rock this weekend), and be somewhat studious.

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