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Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking Forward: Easterns

What happened was last weekend. One thing is certain: our team has a ton of work to do. Personally, I am really looking to be a bit more conservative going upwind...especially as we approach the endzone. Mikey's right, "the upwind endzone is like a baby: take care of it."

For me, I think that getting outside and throwing a few times this week, as well as improving my mental game is my focus. Let's be honest, I'm not going to see any drastic improvements in my skills, speed, strength, etc. from now until Saturday. I have been thinking through a ton of scenarios where my decision may have worked, but execution wasn't the best or the risk-factor was surely against me. I'm still adjusting.

Yo’ Saucy, the time for complacency is not now. Now is the time for improvement and adjustments. Let’s take this momentum and bring it to practice and keep the effort and intensity there.

Preparation for next weekend is essential. The wind forecast in Wilmington is looking at 10-12 mph on both Saturday and Sunday. I'll be in Iowa City until Wednesday night. I have a field trip Thursday-Friday in Chi-town for my planning program, which means I won’t have a disc in hand until Friday…if we get to NC early enough. We’re still working on details.

We’ve got a tough Pool-Play match-up vs. Michigan on Saturday. I’m really excited for that. Missing Chelsea Twohig will be tough, but it will also allow some other players to step it up quite a bit.

See y’all in Wilmington!

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