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Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Post #4: HFS

HFS. You may have seen these three letters written on our bodies at Nationals. You may have heard us yell them at the top of our lungs between points or before a game. You may see it tanned into our bodies after a tournament.

I think that all teams have a "go-to" cheer or team motto. I think it's important to think about it. Reflect on it throughout the season. What does it mean to you, and what does it mean to be part of the team?

In an attempt to clean up our act in preparation for Nationals, Saucy changed our go-to catch phrase from "Hot F***ing Sauce" to "HFS." Over the season, HFS has evolved. And well, each and every member of the team has come to have their own interpretation.

"To me, HFS means confidence in yourself, trust in your teammates, and love for the game. It means party cat and ghetto stomp cheers on the sidelines and giving everything while on the field. HFS is saucy love for each of my saucy sisters, always."
-Alyx Averkamp #12, Junior, Handler, Co-Captain

"Hot F**in Sauce. To me it means that we're Saucy Nancy.  Don't mess with us. Because we will F***in destroy you, and look hot while doing it."
-Victoria Castillo, Sophomore, Cutter

"HFS is being part of a team that not only wins tournaments and plays amazingly but also are best friends and would do anything for one another.  These girls have helped me become a better player and a better person, and I love them all!"
-Carolyn Sleeth #14, Junior, Handler

"HFS represents the heart and soul of Saucy Nancy. We may not always look the cleanest, but we most certainly work the hardest and have more desire than any other team out there. We're a scrappy group of passionate girls all working towards the same goal who love each other while doing it."
-Chelsea Russell #11, Senior, Cutter, Golden Girl

"When our team yells HFS we were giving ourselves, our skills, our time, or thoughts, and our hearts to each other. HFS is our promise to the team and our team mates that we, as an individual, will work hard and give every last effort to each other. The world outside HFS doesn't matter, not to us because we have each other."
-Bekah TheROFL Hickernell #13, Junior, Handler

"HFS is all about what connects us to one another: the love of the game, the love we have for each other, the unconditional support on and off the field, the mutual respect. It's about digging deep and never giving up, even when the odds are stacked against you, because with your teammates you can do anything."
-Robyn Fennig #44, Grad Student, Handler

"To me, HFS is about passion. Changing the cheer to "hot f***ing sauce" instead of just 'hot sauce' added a little umph because we are so passionate about ultimate and so passionate about our team. That kind of passion is what makes me love to play on this team and love to scream HFS!"
-Anna Prichard #33, Freshman, Cutter

"What HFS means to me is Hilariously Fun Saucies. I have never had so much laughs on a team like that which I have experienced just in one season on Saucy Nancy. I love everyone on the team and wouldn't trade a single moment for anything. HFS!"
-Jenny Graham #28, Freshman, Cutter

"HFS is the spirit of Saucy Nancy.  It is what pushes us to be better together as a team by bringing us together.  It represents the bond we have with our teammates and the chemistry we have developed to beat any opponent by continuing the fight during games."
-Sara Timko #4, Junior, Cutter

"While HFS is a cryptic cheer that was created to hide an expletive so that we didn’t get in trouble with USA Ultimate at Regionals and Nationals, it’s also our secret Saucy cheer that only a Saucy Nancy can ever fully understand and appreciate its true meaning, because the meaning is different and unique for every Saucy. For me, HFS embodies all the special memories I had with the team and let me tell you they are the best memories I have and they leave me with the happiest of feelings, that is why shouting HFS after every cheer gets me pumped up and ready to rage on the field!”
-Katie "Rage Kage" Johnson #7, Senior, Cutter

"Play hard and leave it all out on the field. No regrets."
-Audrey Erickson #6, Sophomore, Cutter

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