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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nationals and this blog for the rest of the season

It has been 5 seasons of college ultimate. My team has earned a bid to the Divison 1 College Championships in Boulder, CO. The journey has been amazing. The people I have encountered along the way have changed my life. Everything hasn't hit me quite yet...concentrating on finals, end of semester projects, wrapping up assistantship duties, and preparing for my summer internship in Madison. It's slowly sinking in, though. I could not be happier with the teammates I am surrounded by. It has been a rewarding season, and I am so proud of each and every one of my teammates and coaches and thankful for their contributions.

Proud of Saucy Nancy 2010-2011.
My blog will be taking another turn over the next few weeks leading up to nationals. I figured, you all have heard so much from me lately, why not share some other great voices with you? I will still be writing, but the main focus will be on guest posts over the upcoming weeks. I have recruited an all-star list of guest bloggers to share some really great stuff with the ultimate world. Saucy Nancy is an incredible program with an extremely supportive network of alumni, family, and friends. I hope you enjoy their posts and perspectives. These players have come through the Saucy Nancy program and are all people that I have a great deal of respect for on and off of the field. Enjoy!


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