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Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Weeks.

It's crunch time, guys. While other teams are playing tournaments, I'm still practicing.

I'm having the most difficult time concentrating on Midterms and projects. You see, I'm trying to be proactive...a good student, if you will. I am trying what I have never tried before (in four and a half years of ultimate playing and being a student): I am attempting to get most of my long-term assignments done. All these research papers, group assignments, and problem sets that grad school has given me. I'm trying to get them done by tournament time. That means I have two weeks.

But how can I concentrate when Pres Day is unraveling? When I have scores and write ups from Queen City Tune Up and Santa Barbara Invite to catch up on!? Jeez Louise, Ultimate. You gotta slow down and go at a pace I can handle! All the write-ups. SOMEONE GET ME MORE WRITE UPS!

I say this like it's a bad thing!?

And throw in lifting/conditioning/physical therapy into the mix. I'm one girl who is in trouble. My time-management struggles are culminating to its pinnacle: March.

So those of you sharing my frustrations/joys/excitement/struggles...invest in a good planner, and write down all your stuff you have to finish. Prioritize that stuff. Get ready for tournament time, and keep fighting the good fight.

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