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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sedusa (The Story of Saucy B)

As the B-teamers are busy creating a team identity, I am constantly reminded why I got involved with ultimate in the first place. The excitement centered on creating a team identity is an experience that goes unrivaled. Laying the foundation for a team, and a program, requires hard work, dedication, and most of all stamina. Part of that stamina is the frustrations of learning a new sport (we have three brand new players, who I think are hooked already), maneuvering a first college ultimate season (we have nine first year players), and pushing yourself to develop (we have two returners). All three of these things, all separate, yet inexplicably connected.

I am excited to work with this team and help them to realize their potential. Most important, I'm excited to be around this synergy and enthusiasm. I love it.

So ladies, the jerseys, logos, disc designs...they are all looking awesome. Keep 'em coming.

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