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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goal Setting

Here's an e-mail I sent to the Saucy Nancy 2011-2012 team. As rookies and veterans alike are working hard this fall to earn a spot on Saucy Nancy, they are starting to prioritize what they want to get out of the game, what they want to improve on. As I take a brief break from my obscene amount of paper writing in preparation for Club Nationals next week, I though I'd share it with all of you. Goal setting is important. Goal setting is what drove me as a player.

If you want Nationals 2K12, it starts TODAY. I can tell you something. I know for a fact that other teams are doing sprints, lifting, and practicing more days per week than we are. (I make it a point to know how hard my opponents are working so I can work harder. So I can want it more).
What is Saucy doing?
As people start thinking about skills they want to work on, I'm more than happy to help you out too. I may not be able to make many practices to help coach this semester, but it doesn't mean I don't care. I want this team to succeed. It starts by achieving individual goals.
I know a thing or two about setting individual goals. I have been playing ultimate for 4.5 years. My throws did NOT happen overnight. But rather, they were a result of specific goal setting techniques that Lou Abramowski helped me develop.
--You start with your end goal. "I want a good flick huck, even in the wind."
--You then, break it into mini-goals.
--Finally, break those mini-goals into tangible process goals that I can keep myself accountable to:
Goal: Be able to have a good flick huck, even in the wind.
Mini-goal 1) Get stronger
-Process goal 1: Work with my coaches to make a lifting program
-Process goal 2: Stick to my lifting program, complete it 3x per week.
-Process goal 3: Eat healthy
-Process goal 4: Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
Mini-goal 2) More consistency
-Process goal 1: Throw 50 (or more) flick hucks per day
-Process goal 2: Throw 25 (or more) IO mid-range flick throws.
Mini-goal 3) More distance
-Process goal 1: Work on developing proper footwork to use momentum.
-Process goal 2: Throw 25 (or more) flick hucks per day with this footwork
-Process goal 2: Throw 25 (or more) flick hucks from a stand-still, as far as I can.
-Process goal 4: Do the grip/wrist exercise homework Mikey assigned at No Wisco.
With this goal scheme, I am only throwing 50 flick hucks per day (25 from standstill, 25 with footwork), and an additional 25 IO mid-range flicks (total of 75 throws), which takes me ~10-15 minutes when I'm business and concentrating 100%. I would leave an additional 25 backhands to keep me on my game there, for an even 100 throws per day.
You can do this for any aspect of the games. Improving defense. Improving short or mid-range throws. In order to develop a huck (25+ yards), you have to have consistent mid-range throws (15-20 yards). In order to develop mid-range throws, you have to have consistent short-range throws (5-10 yards). Consistency = hitting my receiver at least 90% of the time (Inside-out, outside-in, and flat).
It all happens somewhere. It starts within. It starts from motivating each other. It starts with wanting to get better at ultimate.

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